About Inspyris, LLC

The market is characterized by entrepreneurs who need a collaborator to help navigate the complexities of developing an intellectual property portfolio.

The Challenge
Emerging businesses with exciting innovations must protect their intellectual property as part of their long-term strategy. The patent development process is complex and very time consuming and winning a patent can take years.

Moreover, young organizations struggle with the challenges of day-to-day business operations while also trying to manage their IP development.

The Solution
Inspyris® manages the entire IP development process, freeing clients to run their businesses. It's like having an internal IP department without the associated costs.

The professionals at Inspyris® have decades in many fields of high technology engineering and patent development. That, combined with real life high-stakes business experience, results in a professional team with a powerful combination of skills.

Inspyris® Advantage
Inspyris® engineers use technology to manage the complex process of IP development. Powerful search and information management tools are employed to provide research that goes deeper, wider and faster.

Michael Bartman, Founder

Mr. Bartman has over thirty years of professional experience in the computer industry. His experience includes system and configuration management, project management, process improvement, systems analysis, technical support, technical writing and software design and development. This experience spans roles in both government and commercial enterprises.

Karl Ginter, CEO

Since assuming the leadership role in 2009, Mr. Ginter has doubled the engineering and support staff at Inspyris® to more than a dozen experienced researchers and scientists representing a wide array of disciplines.

Mr. Ginter’s work in IP development began in the early 1990’s when he was one of the principals at Intertrust Technologies. Intertrust develops and licenses intellectual property for Digital Rights Management (DRM) and trusted computing. The company holds over 100 patents, and has over 300 patent applications pending worldwide. Starting as Chief Scientist, Mr. Ginter made important contributions in the areas of patent and claim analysis, litigation support, prior art research, and technical-side infringement analysis. Intertrust went public in 1999 and its patent portfolio is still actively licensed.

Prior to joining Intertrust, Mr. Ginter operated a 25-person system integration consultancy in Washington D.C. He has served in consultative engineering roles with several branches of the US Government, the New York Stock Exchange/SAIC, Timken Company, and for numerous IT organizations nationwide.

Karen Schnaubelt

Ms. Schnaubelt has extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of patent/copyright/trademark processes and technical writing/editing. In the 1980's, she was part of the team that prepared the materials explaining the AT&T breakup to its shareholders and also prepared display screen content for Citibank's first online banking service. She wrote internal process documentation for Silicon Valley multilayer printed circuit board manufacturer NTI, and design software documentation for computer chip manufacturer LSI Logic. In the 1990's, she wrote commercial software manuals for Media Cybernetics' HALO® and Image-Pro Plus® image editing and image analysis products. She brings strong writing, editing, desktop publishing, graphics, and organizational skills to Inspyris®.

Ed Kelley

Mr. Kelley's unique blend of experience as a mechanical engineer, an electro-optical engineer, an in-house patent department manager, and as a patent agent licensed to practice before the USPTO brings an intelligent perspective to IP development. He has earned a BSME from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and an MSEE from Tufts University Electro-Optics Technology Center.