IP Search

The searches listed below are designed and intended to support the work of counsel. Counsel support searches are done only in coordination with, and under direction of, counsel.

Freedom to Operate Search and Analysis
The Freedom to Operate search is designed to discover any existing patents that cover a particular invention.
We provide underlying search support for counsel's freedom to operate analysis and opinion letters. These searches are performed under the direction of counsel, and include topic analysis, search plan, search of existing patents, and review and analysis of the search results.
In some cases, Freedom to Operate searches are combined with an Invalidity Search to identify prior art affecting relevant patents identified during the Freedom to Operate search.

The search results are provided to counsel and are typically discussed with counsel.

  • Bibliographic index of relevant information found.
  • File of search results (papers, patents, web pages, articles, etc.).
  • Search history information, including patent classes searched, keywords used, and other details.
  • Any additional supporting documents.

Invalidity Search
The object of an Invalidity Search is to find material in the public domain that will demonstrate an already issued patent was not properly researched prior to submission to, and subsequent grant by, the PTO. This effort is focused on removing claims from effective prosecution.
Inspyris® provides "patent busting" services where we work to identify prior art that affects one or more patent claims. We use a variety of data sources and our engineering expertise and experience to find materials that others did not find.

We provide either raw prior art or a claims map and copies of relevant prior art for review by counsel.


  • Prototype claims map for review by counsel.
  • Bibliographic index of relevant information found.
  • File of search results (papers, patents, web pages, articles, etc.)
  • Any additional supporting documents.

Lay of the Land Search
It is necessary to understand who and what is already occupying the relevant topic area. What has already been patented? Who is actively working in the area? The "Lay of the Land" search helps management and engineers understand the endeavor's existing IP terrain.

Using a variety of data sources, and broad-based experience, the Inspyris® team researches opportunities and limits your investment in trying to patent "well trodden" technologies. We believe that the patent development process should be guided by knowledge of what has already been filed for protection, published in scholarly papers, or written about in blogs.

This early research provides a development effort with an understanding of the terrain and allows it to explore those areas with the greatest potential and avoid those where others are already established.