IP Litigation

Filing Plan Creation
A Filing Plan relates to an IP Roadmap, but where the IP Roadmap takes a strategic view of all of your IP development over time, a Filing Plan is more tactical. A Filing Plan deals with a single family of patents, deciding which concepts to file together, which to split into related but separate patents, and in what order to deal with these to provide maximum coverage while minimizing costs.

Inspyris® works with inventors and counsel to create a strategy for filing protection for an invention.

IP Document Preparation
Once an invention with business potential is developed, and searches of prior art have not disqualified it, the next step is to document the invention in the form required by the USPTO. Inspyris® identifies possible points of novelty, drafts prototype claims axes for use by counsel, and writes the technical disclosures that fully describe the invention.

The key to long-term value in IP is centered on the creation of claims, description of embodiments, and disclosure of prior art. Our core belief is that this set of activities is engineering-centric and our team has world-class experience in building valuable IP portfolios.

IP Case Management
IP litigation is expensive. Many of these costs are avoidable if you know how to manage them.

IP litigation is best handled when you have someone designated to collect and coordinate your materials, to prepare materials for counsel, and to help manage the case from your company's perspective. Our team of ex-in-house counsel and IP management experts can help keep costs down. Years of experience let us manage the expense and headaches of the litigation, and keep the case from growing out of control.

Prior Art Analysis
We provide expert prior art analysis.
In plaintiff-support cases, we review prior art provided by the opposing party and identify weaknesses and areas where the provided art is not relevant in the case. We also help suggest definitions consistent with the plaintiff's case to support the Markman process.

In defendant-support cases, we find and analyze prior art, and assist counsel in understanding the nuances of the art and in preparing claims maps for 102 and 103 art.

Expert Testimony
In cases where we have subject-matter experts on staff, we can provide experts in support of a case.